Sizdah Bedar/Annual Food Drive
An all day entertainment for the entire family
Sunday March 31st, 2013
Mason Park, Irvine, CA
We need your help
Please bring canned food for donation
Donate for Food On-line

See more pictures of last year event

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Mason Park, Regulations
Please read



2013 Persian New Year “Sezdeh-Bedar”

  The following regulations and County Ordinances are for your safety and enjoyment during your visit.

Failure to follow these rules and regulations may result in a citation with fine, eviction, or both.

 PARK HOURS: Sunday, March 31st, 2013 PERSIAN NEW YEAR 7 AM to 9 PM

 PARKING: $15.00 parking fee allows one entry per vehicle.  No RV’s, buses, or oversized vehicles. Parking required in designated parking spaces or Vehicle subject to citation and/or tow.

 ALCOHOL: Strictly prohibited in the park: OCCO Sec. 2-5-35

 CONTROLLING DOMESTIC ANIMALS: Leash required not exceeding 6 feet in length and in control of person competent to restrain the animal: OCCO Sec. 2-5-39

 PROTECTION OF NATURAL, CULTURAL, STRUCTURAL, AND ARCHAEOLOGICAL RESOURCES: Protect Wildlife, Natural Vegetation, Geologic Features, Landscape, and Improvements.  These are protected and not to be damaged or removed from park boundaries.  Do not attach signs/other items to trees: OCCO Sec. 2-5-39

 VEHICLES/PARKING: Do not exceed 10 MPH on the roadways: OCCO Sec. 2-5-29 (a),

Do not drive on grass areas or sidewalks to a picnic shelter: OCCO Sec. 2-5-46,

Parking: OCCO Sec. 2-5-29 (b), Authority to Tow: 2-5-29 (d) (3)

 AMPLIFIED SOUND: Not Permitted: public address systems, DJ’s, bands, loud speakers, bullhorns, karaoke systems, amplifiers, drums, and generators: OCCO Sec. 2-5-26

 SOLICITATION OR DISTRIBUTION OF GOODS: Prohibited: Wares, food products, merchandise, flyers or handouts for commercial purposes: OCCO Sec. 2-5-19

 PROHIBITED: Firearms, Weapons, Fireworks, and Replica Firearms: OCCO Sec. 2-5-37,

Wading: OCCO Sec. 2-5-64, Scooters & Small Motorized Vehicles: OCCO Sec. 2-5-29 (g), Aircrafts: OCCO Sec. 2-5-42, Skateboarding: OCCO Sec. 2-5-30

 Picnic Shelters will be on a First come First serve basis with someone remaining at the shelter. **********ROPING OFF AN AREA TO “RESERVE” IS NOT PERMITTED**********



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