NIPOC 2010
23rd Board of Directors

Mohsen Hashemi, President
Farrokh Babayi
Alex Bolourchi
Alireza Ebrahimi
Bahar Kahatibloo
Mike Kazemi
Ali Salamat
Farrokh Shokooh
Elahe Tabesh

Mohsen Hashemi


Hilton, Irvine
Economic Forecast
Picture Archive
Union Bank, Laguna Niguel
MIX@SIX at Union Bank
Picture Archive

Adopt Norooz Banner Program
Pictures Archive

Hilton, Irvine
Norooz Party
Pictures Archive

 Census 2010

Mason Park, California
Sizdah Bedar / Census 2010, Pictures Archive
   Business Mixer at Tayani
Hilton, Irvine
Trade Show
Trade Show, Video Clip
  Public Square, Center Club, Costa Mesa, Picture Arvhive
14th Mehregan
Lakeside Lagoon, Irvine, CA

Mehregan Song
Poem: Rahim Tazari
Video: Alex Bolourchi

The 14th Annual Mehregan Festival

  >Pre Mehregan
Pitures by Yousef

  >Pre Mehregan
Pictures by Hadi Poursaid

  >Pre Mehregan
Pictures by Kazem

>Mehregan Main Stage, Sattar    Video Clip Alex Bolourchi

>Mehregan Video Clip By Voice of America
>Mehregan 2010-Ardavan Mofid Interview Part 1, Video Clip    Mehregan OC

>Mehregan 2010-Ardavan Mofid Interview Part 2, Video Clip    Mehregan OC

 >Mehregan Festival
Pictures by Yousef
 >Mehregan Volunteers
Pictures by Annahita Mahdavi

Pictures by Yousef

Pictures by Yousef

Pcitures by Yousef

Pictures by Yousef

Pictures by Yousef

  >Mehregan_Food_Village    Pictures byFarrokh Babayi

Pictures by Yousef
Pictures by Yousef
Pictures by Yousef

Pictures by Yousef

Pictures by Yousef

Pictures by Yousef

Pictures by Yousef

Four Seasons Restaurant, Irvine
NIPOC Election Night for 2011

Pictures Archive

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